Midwest ABS Exchange and Repair
Specializing in Volvo ABS Modules and Repair.  Fast service and full support with a lifetime warranty-all at a reasonable price.

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We offer the most comprehensive Volvo ABS repair and exchange service.
The longest warranty-lifetime,
The fastest standard shipping and
The best after-sale support, 7 days a week.

All Exchange Modules include an E-5 Torx Socket needed for installation and FREE  shipping via Priority Mail in the ConUS.  With over 100 ABS modules in stock at all times, every module is always in stock and orders ship the same day IF received before 3pm.

Updated 11-16-2020
Volvo ABS Module Mail-in Repair Service.  $109.

  Why is our service different? Our service includes a full diagnostic report of all stored codes in the module. I don't cut the modules open, I take them apart and put them back together the way they were at the factory.  I resolder everything, not just the power pins, and I fix it so it won't fail again.  No gobs of sealant and no compromising of the original case.  Your module will be tested on an actual vehicle, not a mystery test machine or simulator.  All modules are cleared of stored codes after being repaired and tested.

If your module can't be fixed, your purchase price minus shipping will be refunded and your module will be returned to you.  

Repair comes with a lifetime warranty, good for as long as you own it.  If there's ever a problem, simply send it back.

For more details, 

Disclaimer-The ABS module is just one part of your car's ABS system.  While the failure rate on these is close to 100%, there are other parts of the system that can fail.  Wiring issues, wheel sensors, voltage issues, ignition issues, etc. 

Updated 11-16-2020

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Volvo ABS Module Advance Exchange Service.
Starting at $119.

It's a simple idea.  Instead of sending your module off to be repaired and driving without a speedometer, you get a repaired module sent to you in advance.  No downtime and no core charges. You simply install it and then send your old module back to us. Prices start at $99 and include shipping to you via priority mail in the ConUs, all modules come with a lifetime warranty and are road tested then cleared of any stored codes before shipping. 

Just pick your model on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.  IF you are unsure of what is on your car, use the "Module Types By Year" page to determine what you need.

All orders received before 3pm ship the same day.

I accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Checks and Money orders.  All orders can be placed online, or you can contact me if you would like to do it over the phone.

Note- On 2001 models, the ABS module is mated to the car and exchange isn't available.  Your original module has to be repaired.  2002+ BCM/ABS units are not available for exchange or repair

For important details on acceptable core returns and timelines,

To view the installation video, CLICK HERE

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