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Specializing in Volvo ABS Modules and Repair.  Fast service and full support with a lifetime warranty-all at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2009 I started repairing ABS modules for fellow Volvo enthusiasts on MatthewsVolvoSite.com and Volvospeed.com, where I'm a member. I then began selling on exchange on eBay and the Volvo forums.  Word of mouth started to grow and before I knew it I was doing 60-120 modules a month, and in the ten years I've repaired over 8000 ABS modules.  In 2010 I made this website mainly to save time answering questions via email, then I began selling on it.  Almost ten years later and the website still looks like it's from 2010, mainly because it is.  I update content regularly but leave the rest alone.

Why are my prices lower than some others?  

1.  When you buy from a retailer or shop, the module has been marked up at least 3 times before it gets to you.  Usually marked up 50-100% at each stop.  What started out as $100 ends up at $500 by time it gets to you.  I have low overhead, a large remanufacturer or shop has high overhead, you pay for that.

2. The repair process isn't as incredibly complex as some make it out to be and shouldn't be terribly expensive.  Once repaired, the module is basically good forever because it's done right...which wasn't the case when it left the factory.  If 100% is good enough, I go for 200%.

3. After doing over 8000 units I have systems in place that enable me to do things efficiently without compromising quality.   Sockets and shipping supplies are bought in bulk and my cars that I test with have been paid for long ago.  My shop space isn't especially large which keeps costs down.  

3. Your old module has to be returned with the advance exchange service, where it will be cleaned, repaired and tested for a new life on another Volvo.   It keeps costs down substantially, which gets passed on to you.  

Does my new ABS module need to be reprogrammed to the car?

On the 96-2000 cars, absolutely not.  They are plug and play.  IF you have a shop tell you that it does, find another shop.  They will call it Programming or Initialization.  

Can I install it myself?

Absolutely and 90% of my customers do just that.  That's why I include the E-5 Torx socket and have a how-to video on my website.  It isn't especially difficult.  

Do you have a warranty?

Each module comes with a lifetime limited warranty, good for as long as you own the car.  Details are on the warranty page.

Why should I buy a module from you?

I take pride in what I do.  I'm not a large rebuilder that repairs hundreds of different components, I only do Volvo ABS modules. I make all connections 3 times heavier than they were from the factory to ensure that it doesn't fail again.   I test everything on-vehicle and clear all old codes. This ensures that every module shipped out is in perfect operating condition.   No need to hunt down an E-5 Torx socket, it's included with every Advance Exchange order.

Have an ABS system fault outside of the module?  We can read the codes out of your returned core to point you to where the issue is.  Support is available 7 days a week via phone or email.  

I have no idea what type of module my car uses.

No problem.  No need to call the dealer or pull your module to figure it out either.  Visit the Module Types by Year page and use the simple guide to figure out what abs module is installed on your car.

How do I know if my ABS module is faulty?

There's a slew of information on the Troubleshooting page to help you determine that.  With a faulty module it will start out as having intermittent ABS and traction lights.  In time the lights will stay on all the time.  After that the speedometer will begin to randomly drop out until one day it won't work at all.  

My ABS module is broken open from a previous repair, can I exchange it?

No.  Core returns have to be in physically undamaged condtion.  Nothing previously hacked/busted open, tampered with, slathered with sealants, physically burned up, missing parts or have holes drilled in them.  Visit the Core Returns page for more information.  Most people in this type of situation will opt for the Mail-in repair option.  And if your mechanic said "it looks fine" and it comes back trashed, you can ask him to pay for the replacement charge.

There are several different part numbers for my module, which one do I order?

One type of module will often have 2-9 different part numbers.  If you have a 1998 s70 with TRACS, it will show three different part numbers for that module, but all are the exact same part.  Many manufacturers will assign different part numbers for different years and models even though they are the exact same part.  Therefore, you don't have to worry about the part number, just what type of module you have.


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