Midwest ABS Exchange and Repair
Specializing in Volvo ABS Modules and Repair.  Fast service and full support with a lifetime warranty-all at a reasonable price.
Contact info.

Have questions?  Email me directly at MidwestModules@gmail.com

We currently do not service modules for 2002 and newer models, contact me for a referral to a reputable company.

Include the model and year of your car, and whether it has traction control, AWD or regular ABS.  I answer all questions the same day. 

Please do not email asking if something on the website is in stock.  I keep over 100 modules ready to ship at all times.

I DO NOT supply ABS modules for any makes other than Volvo.  I also DO NOT provide support for modules serviced by others.

I no longer have my phone number listed on my website.  Between receiving calls all hours of the night and people wanting support on something they didn't purchase from me, the phone calls became too much to deal with.  I respond to all emails, usually right away or around 3pm, and most questions are easily answered via email.  IF it's something you need to discuss on the phone, email me and let me know.  Many things are covered on my website on the installation page and the troubleshooting page.

We're located in Tecumseh, Michigan at 805 S. Maumee St. 1 hour west of Detroit, 30 minutes south of Ann Arbor and 30 minutes north of Toledo, Ohio
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