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Installation video and guide.  Read this entire page.
The Video below was shot using an S70, but the basic premise applies to all the Volvos that I have modules for.  Not all steps are needed for all cars, but an e-5 torx socket is essential for removing the mounting bolts that hold the module on. 

Just about anybody can do this.  It really isn't incredibly difficult, watching the video at the bottom of the page will show you what you need to do.

Rule #1.  TAKE YOUR TIME.  This generally doesn't take long to do, so there's no reason to rush it...that's how mistakes happen.  MAKE SURE your ratchet is set to loosen.  Remember the phrase..."lefty loosey, righty tighty".  

If you aren't comfortable tackling something like this, have a shop do it.  Any decent shop should be able to do it in under 20 minutes.  DO NOT let a shop/mechanic charge you for "programming" the module.  These are plug and drive, there is no programming on pre-2001 modules.   If somebody wants to charge you to "Program" or "Initialize" it, find another shop to do business with.   Remember, the dealer usually charges an hour minimum on labor, so if you go to them be prepared to shell out that much.

All of my modules are road tested and cleared of any previous stored codes before being shipped.  Provided the the rest of the ABS system is in working order and the harness is installed correctly the ABS light will go off immediately after starting the car.  

96-2001 NON-Turbo Models.

No need to remove the Airbox.  You will need to remove the corrugated metal tube between the exhaust manifold and the airbox.  It slides right off, no special tools needed to remove it.

850 Turbo

Airbox removal isn't entirely necessary but I do recommend it to give you more room to work with.  1996 850's have an extremely brittle wiring harness between the ABS module and the pump motor.  Even if you're gentle with it there's a good chance the insulation will fall off as soon as you touch it.  Rewrap the wires with rubber tape.

70 Series Turbo Models.

The video is spot on for turbo models. The key is to take your time.  

Harness Issues

It's extremely important that you make sure the large multi-pin harness is completely seated and locked into place.  It may appear to be that way, but often it won't fully seat on the first try.  The way it is designed only allows the pins in the module to enter the harness about 1mm, which isn't much.  The gasket on the harness will not allow air to escape when fastening it down, combine that with the design of the mechanism and it will not seat correctly. IF the mechanism on your harness breaks off, refer to the pictures at the bottom of this page.  When installing the harness, firmly push down on it for 5 seconds after ensuring it is bottomed out and firmly locked into place.

One more time, make sure the large harness is 100% bottomed out and LOCKED firmly into place.  Push down on it firmly for 5 seconds after fastening it.  

Make sure the smaller harness that runs between the module and the ABS pump is completely bottomed out.  If you own a 1996-1997 850, check the smaller harness for damaged insulation.  You may have to rewrap the wires with rubber tape.

Stripped Bolt Heads.

These are no fun, but no need to overreact. Realistically, there's only one quick and easy way to do it without destroying things, and that's using a Dremel with a small cutting wheel to cut a slot in the head of the bolt, allowing you to use a screwdriver to back it out. IF that does not work, use the dremel and a small carbide grinding tip to grind off the head of the bolt.  It helps to position a mirror to see what you are doing. Have somebody hold the mirror for you, the fact that the module is upside down while looking at it with a mirror will throw you off.   DON'T use a sawzall, grinding wheel, hammer, etc.  HF and other discount tool stores sell a cheap version of a Dremel if you don't have one.  

 Provided you secured the harness correctly and there are no external faults in the ABS system the ABS light should immediately go off after starting the car.  

99 and later, the Check Engine Light and Flashing transmission light will generally not go away on their own.  You will likely need to have your codes reset with a scanner, disconnecting the battery doesn't  clear the p0500, p1618 or p1633 codes or clear the flashing transmission light.  Realistically, any time your CEL is on, you should have it scanned to see why it is on.

Video compliments of SilverS70 from MatthewsVolvoSite.

If the video doesn't load, CLICK HERE

Broken Harness Head

If the mechanism on your large harness breaks, you will have to pull out each of the plastic slides on each side of the harness while pulling up on the harness to disengage the harness from the module.  Installation is the reverse, push in the slides while pushing down on the harness.  The slides must go in 100% and the head must be firmly locked into place.

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