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S80 99-2001

I do not offer the advance exchange service for the 1999-2001 S80, only the mail-in repair service.

Why?  The s80 is different than the other 99-2001 FWD cars mainly due to it's electrical system and the fact that the car is fully networked.    Many times you can get an ABS error message when there may be nothing wrong with the ABS system at all due an electrical glitch on the same branch in the network or an electrical issue somewhere else in the car.  A CEM issue on the car will also make you think there is an ABS issue, when in fact there is an actual electrical/CEM issue causing it.  

Transmission issues are also common with this model, many people will write off their transmission service message as an ABS module fault, when in fact there is something genuinely wrong with the transmission.  While a p0500, p1618 or p1633 code typically points to an abs issue, this isn't always the case on an s80..especially if it has the 8619538 abs module on it.  

By mailing in the original module from the car, we are able to road test it and pull the codes from the module to verify if it is working properly or not.  If the module is working properly but has stored codes, we are then able to pinpoint where the problem may possibly be.  You get your module back repaired, tested, cleared of codes and a list of whatever codes were stored in the module.  At that point, if there is an issue outside of the module itself you know where to look.  

Please keep in mind, I am only able to pull the codes stored in the ABS module itself.  I cannot read any other codes from the car.  

There are three types of ABS modules installed on the s80.

1.  ABS/STC with a part number that starts with a "9".  This is the typical Volvo/Teves mk20 module that almost always fails at some point in it's life, and is what most of the other FWD Volvos from 99-2001 use.  

2.  ABS/STC with a part number that starts with a "8", and most likely part number 8619538.  This particular module is the same mk20 module as the rest, but is constructed differently internally and typically never fails.  If you have this particular module on your car, have the car scanned for ABS codes.  The 8619538 unit is somewhat sensitive to low voltage and will typically throw a "Pump Motor-Faulty Signal" code, even though there is nothing wrong with the pump or module.  Low voltage will also cause communication codes to come up.  If there is a wheel sensor code in there, it's almost guaranteed that there is an actual sensor problem on the car.  With this type of module I will road test and scan for codes, 99% of the time there is nothing wrong with the module.  

3.  ABS/DSTC.  I don't repair this type of module.  The 2001 DSTC unit is not repairable.

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