Midwest ABS Exchange and Repair
Specializing in Volvo ABS Modules and Repair.  Fast service and full support with a lifetime warranty-all at a reasonable price.

Warranty and Shipping information


Each module carries a non-transferrable lifetime warranty against workmanship, good for as long as you own it.  Warranty does not cover physical damage (fire, collision, etc.), liquid damage from water or brake fluid, damage from faulty vehicle wiring, software faults signified by an internal fault code, coil fault codes, general interference codes, control module interference codes, internal relay codes, general relay codes, destroyed solenoids, corrosion in the sockets or improper installation.  Common sense stuff, but it has to be stated.

Options for warranty-you can either send the module in, or you can have one sent to you after paying a refundable deposit of $85.  

In the case of a warranty claim and there are no faults with your module we do not cover shipping back to you and will deduct shipping from the deposit.  DO NOT mail in a module without contacting us first.

While these are relatively easy to install, I cannot be held responsible for any damage you may cause to your vehicle due to improper installation techniques.  I have had people attempt to remove modules from their cars using hammers, sawzalls, pry-bars and screwdrivers...then get upset with me that they destroyed other components.  I'm providing you with a tool to remove it, a video and all the support in the world if you need help. IF you run into a problem, call me or email me.  I'll help anybody that asks for it.  When you receive the module, my information is in the box with my phone number.

USPS shipping times are running 1-3 days behind normal.  There are no guarantees on any shipping times due to this.

I ship via USPS priority mail, with tracking. I ship the same day if the order is received before 3pm, eastern time.  Overnight shipping is available for an additional $22.  Typically, priority mail is 2-3 days from Tecumseh, Michigan to anywhere in the US. Shipping during the holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas) can take longer.  PLEASE, do not ask for overnight shipping at 4:30pm.

IF you misorder, shipping is NOT free  for the correct module and the incorrect unit will need to be sent back first.

I also ship to Canada, Europe and Australia via USPS priority mail international. All international orders will have a refundable core charge of $85 added.  Please contact me if you're in these areas and would like to order.  Due to customs, I have no control over international shipping times  I do not ship to Canada via UPS due to brokerage fees and old modules are NOT to be returned back to us via UPS.

Canadian shipping.

USPS priority mail international-parcel, 6-10 days  $22.95 Includes insurance and tracking

USPS express mail international, 3-5 days  $34.95  I DO NOT recommend express as it typically never gets there in 3-5 days.  

Modules shipped to Canada are not to be returned via UPS due to brokerage fees.

The module will be wrapped with 6 feet of bubble wrap and shipped in a 3x5x8 box inside a padded shipping envelope.  I use that size box as it's protected against damage and will still fit inside a standard mailbox. Reuse the same materials when you send the old module back to me.

You'll receive a tracking number at the time I print the shipping label automatically.  Make sure the email address and the mailing address associated with your paypal account are both valid and up to date, and make sure you include your phone number.  I will not be held responsible for packages misdelivered if provided with the wrong address.

IF you live in area where packages tend to get stolen, let me know when you order and I can require signature confirmation.  We WILL NOT replace packages that are stolen.
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