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This is a basic waterproof hourmeter, hourmeter/tachometer

I've run three of these for over two years.  One on a generator and one on each of my pressure washers.  No issues, the display doesn't get washed out by the sun or fade and they are absolutely waterproof.  The coldest I've tested one is -15f, the display is  sluggish at that temp, but any LCD would be.  

Mine have been sprayed with SH, Oxalic and a few other things with no issues.  

Basic Hourmeter.  $10


Tachometer/Hourmeter $14



2-stroke Hour/Tachometer.  Functions perfectly fine as an Hourmeter, but the tach reads double on a 4-stroke engine.  Not an issue if all you want is an hourmeter and it's priced accordingly at $7.50

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